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My friend was visiting me at my university and we took a few trips, one of them to Manchester. Apart from the cold weather, it was the perfect time to go, the cherry blossoms were everywhere. Now that I mentioned the weather, surely it is not normal to be this cold at the end of May?? I really have a problem with this! Well, luckily I'm going home for the month of June so should get my share of sunshine.

I like walking the streets of a strange city and discovering pretty corners or interesting places. I used to have a plan of things to see but now I find it a lot less stressful to just decide on the spot. The only place I really wanted to go to was the Cornerhouse, last time I've been they had a David Shrigley exhibition How are you feeling? and I thought it brilliant. This time it was a bit of a let down to be honest, still, in the little magazine shop I found a copy of Shoestring, a magazine that is apparently done by a Keele graduate. It is very professional and it's a lovely read.

Even the Manchester Gallery did not live up to my expectations, the one time I have been I saw the First Cut exhibition - a forest made of paper and other gems.

Despite a bit of disappointment fine arts-wise, we had a good day. Wandering around the Northern Quarter, we discovered Manchester Crafts Centre and had lunch in a small café inside. We then played with the cherry blossoms, documented in these over-enthusiastic photos above.

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