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/ 18 May 2013 / 2 Comments


Top, H&M, £4 // Skirt, Forever 21, £10 // Shoes, LumberJack @ TK Maxx, £22 // Jacket, £3 Belts, £1 and Bag, £3 - all thrifted

Necklace, Claire's, £4 // Blue and green bracelet,  Six, £3 // Rings and silver bracelet - gift

Hello! This is a very exciting time for me as I am clicking the 'Publish' button on my FIRST ever outfit post! Yay! I've been waiting to do one for at least a year now but thought I didn't have enough clothes. I lacked a photographer too. Since then, I have spent some ungodly amounts of money on clothes, and have recently teamed up with my friend Aynel, who is the author of all these beautiful pictures. 

I decided to keep it pretty simple for this first one, like most of the things I wear, this was a spur of the moment decision and viola! I never really plan outfits ahead, usually I just throw something together hoping it looks okay.

I think the reason for starting posting outfits is because I, obviously, love fashion, and to document what I'm wearing - much like WIWT - to 'force' myself to be creative in my clothing choices. Hope you enjoy it and I'll be back with the next outfit post next week!


  1. Sukňa a tašku sú úplne skvelé, škoda, že sa niečo im podobné nenachádza aj v mojom šatníku...

    A teším sa na ďalší fashion post. ;)

  2. Juuu ďakujem!
    Taška je ináč zo slovenského sekáča ;)

    Práve upravujem ďalší outfit, tak možno už za pár hodín...


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