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Right hand ring, made by my Mum // Left hand ring, boutique in Tasmania, $5 // Bracelets and necklaces, gifts from Grandma

Top, H&M, £5 // Jacket, H&M, £13 // Belt, Forever 21, £1 // Skirt, H&M basics, £4 // Leggings, Select, £3 // Shoes, Gate, €6 // Purse, Fiorelli @ TK Maxx, £15
Hi guys, I am back with another outfit post. I was in a pattern mood and decided to pair the lovely h&m top with the cross leggings and I was quite surprised that it kinda worked! I divided the patterns up with a basic black skirt.

The coral jacket I'm wearing has been sitting in my wardrobe since before winter and as I found it too optimistic for cold and rainy British weather I didn't dare wear it till now. It is so very bright but it matches my specs!

The pictures were taken at what I call Keele wastelands, a yet to be developed part of the university. There are functional roads and street lights as well as an abandoned bus stop (!). Rumour is the university wanted to use this land to build more student housing but they've run out of money. It was a lovely place to take pictures though.

I am now back home for the holidays - or well, parts of it - with a trip back for graduation, hopefully a family holiday and a two-week workshop at the beginning of august. This however means I have no outfit photographer! I still have one more post worth of photos my dear friend Aynel took, but after that I am in need of a picture taker.

Being home now, I have heaps of free time so I should be back with another post soon.

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