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As I'm writing this, I'm sitting outside on the patio, sipping on homemade lemonade. Pretty idyllic if I say so myself (see here). The outfit I'm wearing must be one of my favourites this spring. An old skirt I've had for 5+ years and it's one of the sentimental items - a little too romantic for my tastes now. I'd given myself a challenge of trying to style it in a way that's more my current style and I'm happy with the way it turned out. + I'm sporting my handmade milkshake brooch 😉.

Have you started thinking about your summer wardrobe? Mine is a mess. I'm hesitant to even call it a wardrobe. It's more like a conceptless bunch of clothes. I prefer shorts to skirts in the summer for comfort and sleeveless tops. I have maybe two of each (that I'm not ashamed to be seen in, haha). + I totally hate strapless brass! Hence the big question: what the heck do I wear this summer?

I'm even struggling to find summer outfit inspiration - real outfits I would wear. (Pinterest is absolutely no help if you're not a size XS Cali girl.) Send help! To make matters even worse, I get hot easily and ugh I hate the sweatiness summer brings. Boiling hot is only acceptable when one's by the sea. (Hear, hear!)

So, dear readers, bear with me during this testing time! And share your summer wardrobe secrets! 🙏 What do you like to wear when it's hot hot hot? (Don't say nothing, you cheeky thing.) And the sleeveless tops you can wear a real bra under - throw them my way!

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