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For the whole of May I swore off shopping. Clothes, exercise stuff, shoes, accessories, jewellery, books, even cosmetics. And today I'm here to tell you how it all went.

Week 1: was a breeze. I'd actually stopped shopping towards the end of April, so first week of May was really week 2 for me. I didn't feel the need to get anything, I was content with the stuff - clothes, cosmetics and everything else I had.

Week 2: I spent the whole week making brooches, so most of my time was devoted to sewing (and listening to movies while I was doing so, hashtag multitasking), which meant I had no time to even think about shopping. Of course, at the beginning of the week this happened, something most women are familiar with 😉. What can you do, any journey isn't complete without a setback of some kind.

Week 3: The week I'd almost broken the rules. But not for the reason you may think! It wasn't that I felt the urge to go and get something, it was plainly because a couple times I completely forgot about the shopping fast. One significant time was when I'd just written a skincare post, where I talk about a product I love that's been discontinued. After I'd published it I found myself googling for old stock of said product. I put it in my virtual basket and clicked the checkout button... It finally clicked when the website asked me for card details. Oh well. I bookmarked and closed the site in time.

Week 4: Ah, finally. OK, I admit. Things were starting to get a little annoying. Not because I missed clothes shopping terribly, but because my shopping ban included cosmetics and craft supplies too. I mean, I need a new razor! And a special thread! And I wanted to try self tan lotion for the first time in my life! Just those kinds of small nuisances that really aren't a big deal.

But - in the interest of full disclosure, while I didn't end up buying any clothes in May, I did get that damn self tan lotion (in a moment of weakness). My vanity and curiosity got the better of me on that one! I thought you should know.
And one more thing, I placed an order just before midnight on the 31st, for (ethically made) sandals. Why not wait just one more day? Well the company was offering free European shipping in May. And I'm on a budget, ladies.

The takeaway: It's quite eye opening to realise how big a part shopping plays in our lives. I'm just so used to thinking of something I need or "need" and popping out to get it. Such a bad habit! Quitting everything cold turkey like that definitely had its perks. Not once was I horribly uncomfortable or put out. The exercise fulfilled its purpose - I wanted to get back on the minimal shopping train, and I think I did. Even though my summer wardrobe is a mess, I don't plan on adding very many things to it.

What's next? For the next three months, I'm going to try and buy as little as I can. And if I do shop, I'll check the thrift stores first. Maybe I'll even sew a dress. Wish me luck!

Have you any experience with shopping fasts? Do you think you could go a month without buying anything, but food? (and self tan 😣 )

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