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Hello friends! I've just finished my first full week at work. Phew! I feel like I haven't done anything apart from that these past five days! Because I get up so early (5:50...okay, 6:00) I am tired by 9 o'clock. I'm imagining myself cocooned up in my duvet as we speak.

Before I get started, I really wanted to thank you for the lovely comments you left me on the life + wardrobe update post. They made me feel truly amazing. Virtual hugs to you. :)

Now this right here is my first autumn outfit post. Shot on a hot afternoon when bare legs were still a go. I've spoken about how I'm not doing a capsule wardrobe as such this fall, that I'm letting things run their own course. Hence the name - the laid back approach to a minimal wardrobe. What I mean by that is:
I am attempting to function only on a small(ish) wardrobe but I don't intend to be a pain in the neck about it. How does it translate to real life? I am conscious of what I consume and don't bring home everything I rest my eye on. That doesn't mean I don't shop - it just means that when I do, I pay a hell of a lot of attention to what I buy.

I will be updating you throughout the season on how I'm doing and what I'm learning from this new endeavour of mine. For example, I've just learnt how to properly spell "endeavour." But seriously, my current wardrobe status is: content. I am excited about my wardrobe - perhaps because I have recently added a few things to it (I think 6 to be exact). I've also inherited two skirts from my mum that need alterations. So there are still a few pieces I haven't worn at all. That's always exciting! If you're following me over on Instagram, I've started a #katberriesatwork hashtag for my work outfits. I try to take a picture of my outfit everyday and share it. If I don't share it over there, you can perhaps expect a week/fortnight/month in outfits here on the blog. 

Sure, I would happily welcome a chunky knit or a pair of shoes into my wardrobe (desperately need some sneakers), but right now I am content. It's not like I have nothing to wear. I have loads of outfits to wear! Perhaps best jot them down before I lose inspiration. 

What have you bought so far this fall?
Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Dress - Primark / similar
Jean jacket - h&m / similar
Booties - Gabor / similar
Bag - gift

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