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I thought it was about time I updated you on my beauty routine! I'm not much of a make up guru, but I did acquire a new beauty thing or two in the past few months.

A totally new-to-me thing I started to use recently is a blusher. I know, I know, I'm about a 100 years late to the party, and of course I knew blushers were a thing. I'd just always thought you have to have perfect skin in order to be able to use one. Turns out you don't! I had to look for a shade that wasn't too pink or too peachy - ideally something sandy or ashy to work with my cool coloured complexion. At least I think I have a cool coloured complexion, like I said, I don't know too much about these things ;)

I don't always use all of the products together, frankly, most of the time I just put on my BB or CC cream and a swipe of mascara. I have discovered Rimmel's Lash Accelerator mascara and it's the best mascara I've used since my bad gal lashes sample I got 3 years ago. I even dare say it's the best high street mascara. What do you know!

1. So I'm going to tell you what I do step by step: Firstly I apply foundation - which in my case is the BB or CC cream. Even though I don't have perfect skin, I prefer light-medium coverage. Pictured is the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. After that, I apply the L'oreal True Match Concealer if I need to.

2. Then, I go straight to powder and blusher, 'casue otherwise I will mess up my mascara. I know, I got skillz. I apply both with a Real Techniques Multitask Brush from the travel set. I use the other two brushes that are in the set also, but this is the one I use consistently. I have a Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder (it has a handy mirror in the case) and a Natural Collection Blusher in Rosey Glow. The latter is super affordable!

3. Step three is the eyes! I got another super affordable thing - the MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Undressed. It costs £4 and it's pretty amazing for that. The shadows last quite long and they are these natural browns and beiges - some with shimmer, some matte. There's also a dark grey and a blue. I use the top row, second from the right brown shade the most. I swipe it all over the lid and it just looks like I have a naturally darker eye lid. If I'm going out though, I'll use the bronzes and golds and such.

4. Okay, let's power through. Who knew I had so much to say about eyeshadow? Next up is a MUA Brow Pencil. I thought for a £1 I may as well try it. I like the effect, but I have to keep remembering I can't touch my brows and it also rubs onto my glasses frame so I use it sparingly.

5. After that it's just the mascara (upper and lower lashes) and a thin layer of Maybelline Color Sensational Gloss in Glorious Grapefruit. Who names these things anyway?

And that's it. A bit longer than my first beauty routine but it still takes me only like 6 minutes to get ready. Just an estimate, I haven't timed it yet. I will next time. I'd love to hear about your autumn beauty routine, what products do you love? (For me it's definitely the blusher, brush and the mascara.) Let's chat in the comments!

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