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/ 08 May 2015 / 5 Comments


capsule wardrobe for the weekend

My biggest struggle whenever I go on a trip somewhere is how to be comfortable and look chic. I hate looking like a tourist, you know? Though, sometimes one can't avoid it + the camera around my neck almost always gives me away :)

And while it is admittedly easier with a capsule wardrobe, I still had to have a little think about what to take with me. Last time I shared my weekend trip wardrobe, I spoke about a packing rule of two. It really makes packing easier as it gives me some sort of structure. (And it could just as well be a rule of three for a week-long trip, three bottoms, three layers, three pairs of shoes and however many tops you might need.)

So here goes my nine item, four day arsenal as picked from my current capsule wardrobe. This time I deviated from the rule of two a little as I needed clothes for four days, so two tops wasn't enough, but apart from that I still have two layers (I'm counting the black sweater as a third top), two bottoms and two pairs of shoes. And actually, I would have been fine with only eight items because I ended up not wearing the leather jacket at all. It was a bit warmer than I expected.

I took two of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have in my closet right now - we went down to London one of the days and that always means miles and miles to walk. It also means I have some great pictures from the city to show you!

The clothes I took with me turned out to be pretty monochromatic, from white through all shades of blue to black. Even my scarf was white and blue and my purse turquoise. I guess it's no surprise blue is one of my favourite colours. It's one of those that's always suited me, maybe because of my eyes, or maybe because of my cool toned complexion, as it turns out. Do you have a colour that you keep wearing through the years? Black would probably be the obvious answer.

I love making these little packing lists, they really push my creativity and I have three looks to share with you from the past weekend. The first one will be this w/e.

Do you have any "rules" to help you pack? Do share!
Have a wonderful weekend.

*Update! Three weekend outfits:


  1. I love seeing the mini weekend capsule wardrobes! I regularly take weekends or long weekends away, and trying to pack light (but also for every occasion AND comfortably) is a huge challenge for me. It's helpful to see your posts!

  2. I love this. That denim jacket is super cute. No rules yet, and I've been a chronic over-packer in the past, but trying to change my ways!

  3. Thanks, Katie, that's lovely to hear! I'm usually the one who takes things with me "just in case" or thinks that "it's not like it won't fit into the car" but lately I've really been trying to take a different approach and not overpack. And you're right, it is a challenge, but I'm thinking that as soon as you succeed once, it will be easier to identify the "rules" and apply them to the next adventures! :)

  4. Thank you, Andrea! I'm the same, I always think "oh what if I'll need this hand cream (I hardly ever use hand cream at home, but what if!)" or, "what if I don't feel in the mood for this book, so I'll take two more"... And time and again I don't have dry hands or don't even have the time to read. I've definitely improved lately, but it takes extra effort to keep not overpacking in mind!

  5. That is so true about the reading! I always take books on trips with me but rarely have time to open them! I guess it's time for a relaxing beach vaycay...


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