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I look at this outfit and I think, this is it - this is my style. Has that ever happened to you? That you put an outfit together, look at yourself in the mirror and you just think, this is so me. It's such a wonderful moment. It feels like all these other times, you've been wearing shoes that are just a bit too big or a little too small. They're alright, you like wearing them but they don't fit you 100%. And then one day, you find a pair that is your size. It fits perfectly. That's how I feel looking back on this outfit.

The thing is, I can't quite put my finger on what makes this outfit the outfit. I just know it is.
I can identify a few things, though: it's simple, feminine, comfortable and chic. I think I'm a little bit in love with it ;)

I'm going to keep trying to analyse it, because I'd love to feel like that every day. I feel like I've come a long way from last autumn when I started analysing my style for the first time, right before putting together my first capsule wardrobe. I now know that I lean towards slightly different styles as different seasons come and go. I want more colour and more boho in S/S and clean lines and comfortable looks in A/W. But there's always a core that stays the same. The feminine, the uncomplicated. There are also things that'll never be my style, like revealing dresses or high heels. Because I know they're not me.

The amazing thing is that now that I got to know myself, I feel a lot less pressure to wear certain trends or to look certain ways. It's freeing to have a solid ground to stand on, instead of second-guessing every decision. This is me, I feel great.

A word about the clothes themselves - you won't quite see this sweater dress in my capsule wardrobe - not because it's new, but because I listed is as a sweater. A black sweater. That's because I didn't like how it looked as a dress but I loved how it looked as a sweater so I decided to wear it as that. And then just before this trip I tried it on again, I put a jean jacket over it and loved the result. So here it is, my super versatile sweater dress that ended up being a part of my 100% me outfit. 

I also wear it back to front because it has a button up back and I just love that detail. It adds a little extra interest, much like a necklace would.

I wore this outfit on a day out exploring in London. I especially love that there are huge parks that are part of the big centre. Nothing like that here in Manchester. The photos were taken in Regent's Park, which I think is my favourite. It's huge, there are places to admire the flowers, to go for a jog or have a picnic and you can always find a part of it that isn't crowded. It's a winner.

I'll wrap up here and I'd love to hear if you've ever had this kind of wow moment with an outfit before (and whether you were able to repeat it!). Have a great Sunday!

- A quick note: this is the first look from my weekend capsule wardrobe I shared on Friday. Two more to come! -



  1. Awesome! That is such a good feeling to have in your clothes. I'll have to ponder on what that would look like for me, or the last time I felt that way. I need to wear skirts more! Your dress looks totally cute with those boots. I am definitely with you on the uncomplicated clothing, and I feel the same way, I prefer a little more boho in the spring & summer over my more clean lines in the cooler months.

  2. I kind of stopped wearing skirts for a while but I started missing them so I'm slowly reintroducing them back into my wardrobe. I don't love skirts in the summer though, when it gets hot I prefer shorts. Sometimes, with the uncomplicated thing, I feel like I'm missing something, you know because I see all these girls dressing up in these various combinations of patterns, colours, styles and trends... and I have to remind myself that complicated doesn't = stylish :)


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