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Have you heard of The Lively Show? Chances are you have, but if not, it's a weekly podcast by Jess Lively where she interviews women about their experience: whether it's opening up a boutique, struggles with the business or their approach to blogging. And if that doesn't spark your interest, I'll say that my favourite thing about these podcasts is how open, vulnerable and relatable the interviewees are. They share a lot of behind-the-scenes and often talk about what they wouldn't normally publish on their own platform.

The show's guests include a range of fairly well-known women (at least in the blogosphere), such as Kendi, Oh Joy, Jen Gotch of or Caroline of Unfancy. I love listening to podcasts while I'm running - music just doesn't do it for me anymore. The Lively Show is also a great companion when you're washing up. Just be sure not to submerge your phone.

The underlying factor in Jess' podcast is intention, or more specifically, living your life with intention, and that brings two words to mind: capsule wardrobe. Starting with my closet and letting that understanding of intentionality soak up into the other areas of life was perhaps the most organic way to begin on the minimalist journey. I wouldn't yet call myself a minimalist, it's too soon for that and perhaps I never will be a minimalist in the sense of how others understand the word.

For me, the goal of this journey is to find a place for myself - where I am comfortable, happy and satisfied. My destination is different from yours and my journey may end sooner or later than yours. And that's fine. Maybe one day you come to my house and think I have too many pillows to call myself minimalist, or too many breakfast bowls, or too many pairs of shoes. But that just means minimalism for you is something different than minimalism is for me. And that's fine too.

I won't talk much about the outfit today, other than to say that this is the denim dress of my dreams. It's pretty perfect and a piece of clothing that really evokes the feeling of summer. I can't wait to wear it with sandals on summer evenings (because, long sleeves) or to throw it over a bikini when the wind blows cold.

Now go and give The Lively Show a listen and tell me what you think! The guests are always so inspiring.

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