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/ 20 May 2015 / 10 Comments


2015 summer trends and styles for capsule wardrobe

The summer is slowly creeping up on us and last week it dawned on me that I should be introducing my summer wardrobe in about a month's time! Around this time last season I already had a vision for the next capsule and was even starting to shop, but I have to be honest, I have only just begun thinking about the summer.

Why is that? Well, a) I'm really happy with my spring wardrobe and definitely haven't exhausted my options there yet,
b) it's still freaking cold here, and
c) I find summer hard to dress for.

So let's talk about that for a minute. I get hot easily but I also don't love bearing too much skin, so I prefer longer shorts, like mid-thigh long, which leads me to problem one: the majority of shorts I've seen in stores are either itty bitty "can't-bend-down-because-my-behind-will-show" short, or long culottes. And if I do see a good cut and length, chances are they're not in the colour I want, or have a loud print.

I also seem to own only 2 sleeveless tops. I always gravitate towards short sleeve tees and find they usually have more interesting designs and cuts, but this year I really need to find something sleeveless. Problem two: most of sleeveless tops are either made of polyester (summer=perspiration, polyester=death), or they look like rags. Like something you wear a couple times and then all it's good for is wiping spills off the floor.

Good sleeveless tops are hard to find but definitely not impossible. I like natural materials and especially so in the summer: cotton, linen, silk. One of the styles I have an eye on is sleeveless cotton shirt. Which leads me to the wish list above:

1. The top is from H&M and everything about it is right. Cotton? check. Understated pattern? check (and you can always tuck the bottom part of the shirt in.) Good colour? check. I can see it dressed up or down and so to me that's a great capsule wardrobe all rounder.

2. Beverly Hills sweater. I already own this - me and thousands of other girls - because this sweater is from Primark. It's pretty much the only Primark thing I own anymore (apart from two sports bras) and I was actually going to sell it, but I think it will be great for the summer and if anything should happen to it, it won't make too sad.

3. A lightweight scarf. A scarf is a must for me in the summer, for those reasons stated in the photo above and also to add some fun to outfits. This one is from John Lewis and I absolutely love the pattern. It looks like flowers at first but upon closer inspection you'll find it's actually synchronised swimmers in formation. Isn't it amazing?

4. Classic denim Levi's. Or any denim shorts. I own a pair and I love it except for it being quite the itty bitty kind. Still, I can't really imagine summer without them.

5. Lace up strappy sandals from New Look. Shoes, ah, this summer brings a plethora of amazing styles and it's really hard to pick just a few. I remember last year I was struggling a little to find the perfect pair of simple sandals, and this time I have to restrain myself from wanting them all. I'd opt for leather over man made, especially if you can find it for a comparable price.

6. Tevas. This is a brand that I know for their sturdy sandals that people wear on summer hikes. However, in the past few years they're really upped their style game and I am definitely lusting after the ones pictured. Teva original universal lux in sea fog. Absolutely love the shade of violet and I bet I'd love the comfort too. They're great sporty sandals but thanks to the new designs I can see myself wearing them with skirts and dresses too. They are the new birkenstocks, in my opinion.

So that's my wish list so far and I'm hoping I'll be able to afford parts of it soon. Are you thinking about your summer wardrobe already? What trend are you planning to adopt this year?

*Update 22 May: A dear reader, KD, recommends these shorts, if you're also looking for a longer and non-polyester version. Thank you!


  1. I just wanted to say that I've been reading your blog for the past month! Constantly craving for more and I'm really looking forward to see how your summer capsule works out! I'm going to start my first capsule wardrobe in june, a summer capsule, and I find your blog to be great inspiration and motivation for me. It was pretty hard, but I think I finally have decided on what to include in mine :)

    I can totally relate to the denim-short-issue you're having, I still haven't found the perfect shorts for me... Trying out a new pair this summer, I'll see if they'll make me feel comfortable or not ;)

    Love, from finally-not-that-cold Northen Sweden...

  2. Whoo-hoo planning my summer capsule too and I love your picks. Can't believe I'm only adding a few key pieces this year! It's so refreshing not feeling pressured to by a million things and knowing my wardrobe is working for me! Hope you're having a fabulous week, lovey!! xo

  3. That swimmer scarf is so amazing!

    I totally agree with you about shorts (why are they always so short?!) and also about natural materials. I just bought my first new pair of shorts in years. They're linen, cotton, and Tencel, and I can't wait to wear them! ( They come to slightly above my knee (although I'm short, 5'2").

    Can't wait to see your summer finds!

  4. Oops, my link is messed up. If anyone's looking for some comfy non-short shorts, they're here:

  5. Hilda, thank you so much for your lovely comment! It honestly made my day :)
    I haven't fully decided when to start my summer capsule, it all depends on my finances + the weather. The summer capsule might not be that different from the spring one as here in England the weather just kind of stays the same (and you might be able to relate up there in Sweden!). I'm a little curious to know what you're putting in yours!

    I just tried on a pair of denim shorts in my local Tesco, of all places, and their denim is usually pretty comfortable - even the length was okay but not the colour! It was mid wash and I really just want dark indigo or black. Oh well. I have my last summers flowy shorts to fall back on :)

    Thank you again for taking the time to comment and I am so glad you find katberries motivational! Have a great weekend.
    xo Kat

  6. Thanks, Veronika! I feel like I might just end up adding, well, swapping a few pieces out and that's it! Trousers for some shorts and sweaters and tees for some sleeveless tops. The only thing that's setting me back is my shoe wish list - I have 5 sandals on it and I don't see how I can make it smaller, haha! Thank you so much for your comment and hope you have a great weekend!! xo Kat

  7. Ah, isn't it just! I haven't been this excited about a scarf since...well not ever, probably :)
    And I love the shorts you linked, they are definitely a much better length (I don't know if clothing companies don't think of non-model-bodied people with their summer collections or what... or people that don't get to have a 30° summer, ah) I think my favourite colour is the "olive" it looks like it would go with most colours. I'll put the link up in the post for anyone else that's looking too, if you don't mind!

  8. You make a great point about polyester, I'd never considered that before! So hard to find a good compromise. I love the idea of silk, but I'm always terrified my kids will ruin it. I have been seeing a few great silk options lately though. Perhaps after my kids are a little bit older! I'm looking forward to seeing your summer capsule. :) I like the shoes you picked.

  9. Wearing polyester tops on those really hot summer days is truly an ordeal. I mean, there have been days when I got out the house and as soon as I walked out of the gate (!) I felt like I needed to take a cold shower. Ugh. And when you're wearing a polyester or viscose blouse, even if it's sleeveless, I don't know, it just feels it doesn't breathe. I don't know if many people have this same problem but it just makes me feel gross.
    You know, I'm afraid I'll ruin silk too ;) but I try to find it second hand and then even if something does happen to it, at least I have comfort in the fact that I didn't pay $$$ for it. But yes, if you have small kids I can see how the danger can be greater :) perhaps you could start with one silk thing and see how you do :)
    xo Kat

  10. I'm so honored! Thank you!! The olive is actually the color I bought! :) I'm tempted to get another pair!


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