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Minimal workout closet
There are now quite a few images of people's capsule wardrobes over the internet and I've noticed that one of the most common questions from those who are starting/thinking about staring a capsule wardrobe is: what do you do about lounge and workout clothes?

A short answer is: you don't include them. A longer one is: once you've minimised your closet, you can probably go ahead and purge the lounge and workout sections as well.

So I thought I'd show you what's in my workout drawer - yes, I have one drawer that's dedicated to exercise. I do two types of exercise - running and basketball (hence the "specialist" shorts and shoes), but if you're mostly, say, working out at the gym or jogging, you might be alright with fewer items.

This workout wardrobe isn't something that I planned for, unlike my seasonal wardrobes. That's why it doesn't follow any kind of concept other than utility. Although, I guess you can tell there's a certain colour scheme. Red was my university's colour so that's where that one hoodie and the shorts come from - I don't think I'd have opted for red given the choice. I definitely prefer pink and blue. I like to feel feminine but strong. And I definitely love having vibrant pink running trainers, these are my second pink pair.

There are 16 items in the image, but I actually have some doubles - a couple more men's tees, another black and white one, and a very thin long sleeve zip top in exactly the same light blue colour as the one pictured. I think it's okay to have doubles with workout clothes, because, laundry.
I prefer wearing loose men's tees instead of fitted women's - a fitted top looks really bad with basketball shorts but a loose one can be used for basketball and running. I am looking to add one more sleeveless vest this summer, which will bring the overall number up to 20.

You may have noticed that those two men's t-shirts have a somehow questionable print on the front. But hear me out, I have a confession to make. I like wearing pictures a scantily clad women on my chest to my basketball sessions. I think these tees a bit sexist and kinda gross, so I like to think that when I wear them I'm reclaiming the power. Go sister! (Plus they were the cheapest cotton tees at Primark, erhm.)

As for the details: Most of the workout clothes I own are either Nike or Craft - I love both of these brands - then a couple of unbranded items and two Primark bras. They are actually the best sports bras I've had, honest! And they cost £4. I just wish I got a couple more when they carried this cut last year.

So this is my workout closet that sees me through all four seasons. I hope this post has answered the questions some of you have about small workout wardrobes and I'd love to know if you apply minimalist techniques to your workout closet too! What pieces are in yours?


  1. I was definitely surprised at seeing the pictures on the T Shirts. I love your explanation of reclaiming the power!

  2. And I've got to say, I really don't like the aesthetic of those t-shirts. Normally, I'd never ever even give them a second look, but for some reason they became the tees to wear to sports. It's a bit like I'm playing a weird joke on myself, apart from reclaiming the power, of course, if that makes any sense :)


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