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/ 14 January 2015 / 2 Comments


When I introduced my winter wardrobe I'd said there were two more things that I was getting but that weren't pictured - simply because I hadn't yet know what they'd be at the time that I made the picture. So this here is a white/ivory lace short-sleeve dress that I got when I was at home for the holidays. It's pretty cool! And I can definitely wear it in the summer too.

We took these pictures when it was -13°C outside and we walked up a hill that's close to my house. It was bloody windy up there, I tell you. Just try smiling for the camera when you can feel your fingers freezing off. Quite the picture I'm painting you, right?

Kitty hat is making an appearance again here - I find that the colours go with everything so I keep wearing it, pretty much every day.

About those colours, I really love this combination of white, black, beige and brown. It seems to work really well for cosy winter outfits. For those days when you don't feel like colour. I also love that this outfit is so versatile in what occasion it can be worn to. Date night? A Party? A meeting in a café? Perhaps even a job interview, if the right blazer's added. One of my smarter outfits, I have to say, though only sans the kitty hat; but I like to add a little fun touch to it.

What about you, do you like wearing dresses in winter? I always feel so much more feminine and fancy when I put one on.

Hope you're having a lovely, albeit cold, week!



  1. The mountains make such a lovely backdrop for your outfit! I like wearing dresses in winter, as long as I have a thick pair of tights on (or usually I'm doubling my tights)!

  2. I definitely prefer shooting outfits while at my parents in Slovakia, I feel like there are so many more pretty backdrops than here in Manchester. Interesting you say you double your tights in winter, I've never done that - I've always thought that would make the top pair slide down.
    Also, thank you for the comment as it reminded me to reply to your email! :-)


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