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/ 23 October 2014 / 4 Comments



So I'm still a little torn about the double denim trend. I do like it, don't get me wrong, but it has to be well executed. 
I made a few rules for myself that I try to follow: 
1. Never try match the shade of the denims. It usually ends up looking a disaster. {Unless you're this girl.}
2. Go for a contrasted look.
3. Pick solid colour denim, to avoid having too much going on in your outfit. {Unless that's what you're going for :-) }
4. Black denim works pretty much with any other denim.

I think black denim + other colour denim is my fave double denim combination right now. What about you? Do you wear denim on denim? What are your dos and don'ts?

{Don't you just looove my doggy mug?}


  1. Hi Michele,
    First of all, sorry for ignoring your comment for a week (!), but in fact, I was having some problems with disqus and your comment got lost in the process :( so I've only found it just now. (I was wondering where you'd gone.) I assumed you were busy because I've not seen any new posts on your blog!
    You know what, it's bad that I didn't even think about how thin the model girl was. I'm so used to tiny model girls from window shopping online, that I'm becoming to think it's normal. Everybody looks like that, no?

  2. No worries! :-)

    And you are right, I HAVE gotten super busy...we made an offer on a house and it has thrown my life into a whirlwind of signing papers, anxiety & activity!

    As for the thin models. I am not criticizing thin people. I understand that some folk are just naturally skinny. BUT, the majority of women are not. They are built with curves. Sometimes I get so frustrated with the fashion industry constantly presenting us with models that are not only slim, but bordering on emaciated. Not a healthy image for our impressionable young ladies (and older ones too!) The fact that you did not even notice is proof that it is having an effect on our minds and self-images.

  3. Oh my gosh, that's so exciting, hope the house works out for you!

    I'll be the first to admit that fashion industry imagery influences me. It took me a while to accept I'm never going to be that skinny, and actually, if given a chance to choose a body type, I would not pick model slim. I wouldn't mind losing a few kg, but hey, wouldn't everyone.
    The one thing though is that I feel like if I'm slimmer, clothes look better on me. I feel like everything suits me. And I don't know whether that's an aesthetically objective thing to assume or whether it's a learned perception.
    I imagine it must be hard to protect you children from all this body image stuff!

  4. As always, you look adorable. I agree w/you on this whole issue. By the way, I clicked on the link you provided for double denim model and my first thought was, "Aiyeee! Someone please feed that poor, starving girl!" (but the denim she's wearing does work.)


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