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I found it! Neal's yard! I saw a picture of it on Pinterest two years ago and I didn't even believe it was in London. I wrote it down in my notebook as the place to go see when I'm in London next. And then last week I went. I walked to Covent Garden markets - I always like to visit there - and then I walked in the surrounding streets. My phone's 3g was acting up and basically, after about half an hour I've lost all hope that I was going to find it. But what do you know, I stumbled upon it just as I stopped looking. Seems to be the way these days.
I also walked past Burt's Bees yellow store. I was a bit sad that I'd missed wishwishwish's pop up event the previous week, and was a week too early for whatoliviadid's one. Well, never mind. At least I have a burt's bees pink grapefruit lip balm.


So I mentioned that Covent Garden is one of my favourite places to visit in London. There's always an opera singer or a classical musician showcasing his or her talent inside. I've always wondered how much money they earn doing that.
When you walk through the little underpass, you'll find two huge pans with paella being cooked in the open space. I've not tasted it, but it always looks so mouthwatering. 
When I've had my fix of Covent Garden, I like to walk to Piccadilly and pop into the Whole Foods store there. They have a hot foods section where I once had the yummiest chicken in a spicy sauce. After that, an obligatory walk down Regent Street is in order. I walked into a Zara home store - I've not seen one before, and they have the prettiest bed linen! And it's not even that expensive.
I went inside GAP too, I've always thought they only did sporty things and a sort of not-up-my-street wear. How wrong was I. Their new summer collection is to die for. Crisp white cotton dresses with pockets. POCKETS! And they fit perfectly too. If only they were included in the 50% off summer sale...

Did you know about Neal's Yard? What are your favourite places in London?

x-x-x-x  Kat  x-x-x-x

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