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Coord, Dorothy Perkins // Jacket, Esprit, thrifted


Lo and behold, I am joining the hundreds of bloggers praising the Columbia Road flower market. How original of me, right? But honestly, if you're in London over the weekend, take a walk through there. Well, more of a slow feet shuffle - it's a popular place to go on a Sunday morning. Even before you make the turn to Columbia Road, you'll see lots people carrying fresh flowers wrapped in brown paper. That's when you know you're {almost} at the right place. And when the wind blows the right way, the smell is divine. 

This past weekend, it was about sunflowers and peonies, mostly peonies. They looked fresh and soft and I kind of wanted to take a bath in peony petals. I didn't. But I assumed the slowest pace I could and looked at all the colours in awe. It really was beautiful.

I had a great time visiting friends and places in London these past few days. I'm lucky to have some of my long time friends living in London right now. It felt real nice to see them, we used to live on the same street years ago!

This was also the first time I went to London and it was neither extremely hot {shout out to the 35 degree heatwave of July 2010}, nor extremely cold {January 2013 and Hyde Park covered with about 3 inches of snow}. When the sun shone, it was just right. That's a good weather to dress for. I'll probably do an outfit post with this DP coord, don't you love it? {If not, just look at the people's expressions in the background.}

Anyway, apart from the sunflowers, I think my favourite display was that of the blooming cacti. I've never seen so many of them flowering at once! When I look at the picture, I feel like it doesn't even belong, like it's been taken somewhere else. Mexico, or Arizona. I'd take them all if I could. Have you ever made the trip to Columbia Road Flower Market? It's there every weekend!

x-x-x-x   KAT  x-x-x-x

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