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/ 27 June 2014 / 4 Comments


Top, Gate Slovakia // Shorts, Forever 21 // Sandals, New Look // Bag, Bessie // Sunglasses, New Look // Necklace, h&m


I am an explorer. Especially when living in a different country, I like to go out of my way to see the different places. Lately, I've been escaping to 'the nature'. This includes, peaks, parks and various gardens. So every weekend, when it's sunny, I make my boyfriend help me pack a picnic and drive us to a park. It's always a different one and sometimes he says he wishes we just found one we liked and keep going to that same one. I say, no. Where's the fun in that? Yes, it does make life easier when you don't have to rely on your phone's 3g to give you directions. And there are no wrong turns and less driving stress. But there's also no adventure. I like adventure. It can be tropical, international, or local adventure. I've now said adventure too many times. Adventure, adventure, adventure.

Last weekend I found Chorlton Water Park. It was sweltering hot {well, for England, anyway, and especially if you were wearing black}. We walked past an ice cream truck and realised neither of us had any cash, which is a generally unhappy situation. So, we sat down, ate our ice cream-less picnic and watched an angry fisherman, a flock of geese, and teenagers in boats. {Some of them fell in the lake, too.} After about 10 minutes we had to move to the shade - so much for the summer tan. Not that I care too much. But some people might. 
There was this high grass high weeds behind us, a perfect backdrop! I have {un}consciously colour-matched my whole outfit, have you noticed? Monochrome, except the bag. BUT, the bag's colour matches the shade of my hair perfectly! That's a skill. Hands up if you're jealous.

It's getting pretty long these days, the hair, but I wouldn't mind if it was maybe 5'' or so longer, {that's 12,5cm}. Though, sans the split ends. I ordered a bottle of coconut oil and if it lives up to what I've heard, my hair will shine like Rihanna's diamonds. Coconut oil is the thing right now isn't it? I read about somebody using it for their hair and saying it reduced their split ends. Ha-ha. Not true. Only thing reducing split ends is a haircut. If you got 'em go chop 'em. As if an oil would take the two splits and magically merge them into one whole healthy strand. Yeah.

But I'll let you know if coconut oil works for me. I mean, you can always cook on it, if all else fails. {I heard something about homemade bounty balls too. Mhm.} 
You guys ever used it for anything?

x-x-x-x  Kat  x-x-x-x


  1. Us too, we love getting away & exploring all the beautiful nature around us. It's such an amazing way to re-charge and refresh + I LOVE what you chose to wear. And, that tiny frog, so cute!! xoxo

  2. Yup, you're right. Plus you get the best ideas when you're out walking. I just wish there were some actual hiking spots near Manchester, or a nice forest or something.
    Oh and thank you :-) xo

  3. I know this is an older post, but did the coconut oil workout for you? I buy it in giant jars and slather it all over my skin. I have such dry skin. I like the idea that what I'm putting ON my body is safe enough to go IN my body. As for my hair, it responds better to argan oil. I buy the pure stuff at a local health food store. Just a drop or two rubbed between the palms of my hands is all it takes. A small bottle lasts for a long time. I used to have waist-length hair, but as I got older, it didn't flatter my face as much. :-( So enjoy your lovely tresses while you are young, and maybe, someday, you will be one of those lucky, lovely middle-aged ladies who can still rock the uber-long hair!

  4. I use it only for my hair {and only when I remember} as my skin only gets dry in the summer and I apply it an hour/half hour before I shower. I used to do the same with olive oil. I find it does an okay job but it's definitely not a miracle cure for me. I think it's too heavy for my hair- it makes it shiny but a bit limp. Mine doesn't smell of anything, apparently it's not supposed to, but my mum has a tub too and hers actually smells of coconut. I have Moroccan oil that I use quite frequently on wet hair, a drop or two-same as you said. It is also a okay for me, not die over amazing. How do you use argan oil, do you apply to wet hair and to whole length or just the ends? Your hair looks so smooth and shiny from what I can see from the little thumbnail picture.
    A side note, I feel like I've been growing out my hair for years! It feels like it grows so slowly, because I have to have at least three haircuts a year to keep it healthy-ish. I've never really known what to do with short hair, it just seemed to get in the way, paradoxically. Shall see what happens in the years to come! :-)


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