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Top, Primark, £3 // Skrit, h&m, £4 // Jacket, thrifted, £3 // Cap, TK Maxx, £10 // Converse, TK Maxx, £20 // Bag, Topshop thrifted, £2 // 
Necklace, h&m, £1.50 // Bracelets made by a friend

I'm wearing a cap. Who would have thought? Cap and a watermelon tee. I'm no MC, I listen to hip hop no more than once a month and to top it off, I've never even been to Boston. But that's not gonna stop me from wearing the cap. I kinda think I can pull it off, eh? Perhaps not on a day to day basis but, you know, when it's sunny. (Which happens only about nine times a year so it's okay.) 

I dressed up all optimistic and comfortable, in an h&m skirt that I own in 4 different colour combinations and a fruity top. It was one of those days when you try 10 things on and none of them work so in the end I pulled out this trusted skirt for a simple, colourful outfit. My boyfriend told me the skirt looked formal, so I dressed it down with a jean jacket (which you may have seen on here a couple times), and the cap.

I've seen pictures of girls wearing caps with all sorts of attire so I thought I'd give it a go too. I thought I'd struggle to find a shape that will suit me - I had a cap once, many years ago, and it made my head look like a potato. I found this one in the men's section of TK Maxx and it fit perfectly. First, I was scared to show my face in it; when I showed it to my flatmate he said 'Oh my god you didn't.' I did, though. Things we do for fashion... I might even wear it to town one day soon! 

Text: Kat
Photos: Giorgio

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