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Sweater, New Look, £10 // Leggings, Gate, £5 // Top, h&m, £2 // Feather necklace, h&m, £1.50 // Shoes, New Look, £7 // Hat, Primark, £2 //

We're starting to get some sun over here! Still only 8 degrees but I'll take it. Though apparently it's gonna be 16 next Sunday, I can't believe it. Hey I may as well go work the BBC weather forecast I talk about it so much.
I've been spending some time surfing through Green Gate and IKEA websites, looking at furniture and rugs and things that I would love to use to decorate my living space. I might do an interior design wishlist soon. Or a scrapbook. I'm also in hardcore saving mode at the moment, because I'm going to Paris next month and it's good essential to have some pocket money. Which reminds me: get an extra battery for my camera.

This is my new favourite uniform, leggings, t-shirt and sweater. I need more big comfy knits! In England it's a definite all-year-round must have. It's not like it's ever hot in the summer.
I got this colourful pastel-y one in the New Look sale. The only fault I can pick is I wish it was a bit softer. It's a wool blend, and not nearly as soft to touch as a lot of the acrylic jumpers out there. I was actually surprised by how many great knits were very reasonably priced. By the way, how weird does the last picture look? I think it's safe to assume it has a strange quality to it. But anyway, this is the time to go grab some knits, if you're into that sort of thing.

I'm kinda glad all the fashion weeks are over now. People can stop pretending they wear these elaborate outfits on a day to day basis. Although, I have seen some great streetstyle. My twitter feed has also calmed down, for which I am thankful. More importantly, let's take a moment and appreciate the fact that people will finally put their arms through their coat sleeves. As if you really wore your coat like that. I mean, how does it not fall off?

Text: Kat
Photos: Giorgio

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