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Oslo 2

Updating my Easter travel diary - it's about time, right - I am putting up some pictures from Oslo. Both first and last one are from this park, its name I can't recall, that has countless statues of naked people in it. The second picture has a cute little heart in it, I don't know why it's there, whether there even is some special reason for it but I think it's just a lovely touch in the city and it truly makes me go 'aw'. The third picture, I'm in love, is how I imagine my country house will look like (would look like?) all white with a big balcony and porch with tiny daffodils in bloom, bright rooms inside and flea market furniture. I would not want it to be in Oslo and I'd want it to be a part of a big estate. Well I'll quit dreaming now and just give you a valuable piece of advise, Oslo in april is like England in december but a lot less green. So if you ever plan to visit, you better schedule it for the warmer months when it's not so grim. Just that.

Please forgive the weird picture spacing, I gave up trying to force the blogger draft to work. The only way I can put it in my desired order is when I upload pictures backwards, that is the last picture is uploaded as the first one but I still haven't found the secret technique how to keep blogger from fudging up the spacing.

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