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Aarhus culture

Aarhus Univeristy is the place where my friend studies at the moment. We've seen a lot a been everywhere over the two days, actually, I got more pictures but I'll just make another post, don't want to overwhelm you too much. We went to the museum of Aarhus village, that's where the glasshouse picture is from, it was beautiful and we spent almost 3 hours there. They had oldschool everything. Perhaps it wasn't as good as Australian Sovereign Hill but it was definitely worth the free 50% off students with 50% off vouchers admission.
After accidentally falling into my first proper flea market which, by the way, was amazing and I only wished I had more time, money and luggage space, we went to the notoriously known rainbow museum. It is beautiful and I actually have about 50 pictures from there so perhaps I'll share some later. I loved the exhibitions they had on, it was a Sunday and let me tell you dear friends that it was packed. Seems like Danish people can appreciate some serious culture time. 

I shall be watching

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