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Oslo boat trip

The first place on my my travelling list this Easter was Oslo. Me and Šárka met up in Oslo for two days of adventures. Only there we found out that Norwegians pack up their bags for Easter and leave the cities. I don't know where they go, but Oslo was empty. We saw very few people and almost no shops were open. We had trouble finding a grocery store. I was really looking forward to Oslo but even before getting there several people have warned me that it is nothing special. Well they were right. Maybe it was because of the never going away grey skies or the mentioned lack of people, but the impression Oslo left on me was very grim. Still we had a lot of fun and made videos for our friend Markéta who couldn't be there. I'd post one but it's not in English.
Below are some pictures that we took. First is Oslo opera house, second is the harbour, view from a boat we took to see some fjords, then there are some typical Norwegian houses, in fact the boat was the only place we felt like we were in Norway. Then there is this amazing face Šárka has managed to pull, believe me, she does not normally look like that.
The last picture is very bad quality and I apologise for that, it's a screenshot of one of the videos. Still I couldn't help but put it there. 
All the pictures seem to be in different shades of grey which is exactly how I found Oslo looked, I was even wearing a grey jumper to, unintentionally, match the surroundings.

With this face I say goodbye. Please come back.

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