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self portrait challenge

My friend Ade found this online and said I should do it. Chelsey from The Paper Mama has a photo challenge up on her blog, she asks her readers to take a self portrait and blog about themselves. So this post is about me and me only. I am using the Currently posts of Danielle's blog. I went crazy and took more than one portrait and spent a good few hours playing around with the pictures in photoshop.

Obsessing over

creative writing! I am taking a module in it and I am enjoying it perhaps a little too much. Only need to actually produce more short stories. I have also met a guy yesterday that does MA in Creative Writing and we have decided to do a fiction swap. He's going to send me some of his pieces and I'll send him mine (at this very moment I only have 3). I am still very much excited about it. Also, I hope he writes a short story about me. Haha.
And also blogging! Lately I have been playing with the design of this blog and just been thinking about how I could blog about this or that. I try to justify it by thinking it's time wisely spent. Photoshop much?

Working on
a presentation for my Politics and Cinema class. Me and my friend watched 2 films by Ken Loach - Carla's Song and Land and Freedom and we are discussing 2 set questions. Which reminds me I should be making the powerpoint right now.

Thinking about
people, and how you can love them and hate them at the same time. Friends, and how they change. How there's always something to do and yet you're still bored. Also dreaming about what I would do or more like where I'd go if I won the euromillions.

Keele Varsity in March. My trip to Norway and Denmark on the 4th of April. My Birthday on the 19th of April even though I am dreading to be 20. My trip around England at the end of April, Edinburgh, York... Also trying to figure out what to do with my summer, what flat to get in September when I'm back at Masaryk Uni as I am so over halls.

Listening to
Oh Land is my current obsession. I absolutely love her music. My three favourite tracks are Perfection, White Nights and Voodoo. Her albums are currently on repeat. Then Feist. And Toro y Moi. Also I have recently discovered Regina Spektor and I love two of her songs Samson and Laughing With.

noodles! Stir-fries, Rice and ready-meals. Not proud of the last one. And then toasties. My favourite would be a decent bread, as decent as English bread can get, with philadelphia spread, slices of brie and on top of that chorizo. And then pancakes, I love pancakes. I have discovered meringues and I even hand whipped the cream to go with them. You are meant to eat them with berries but what I do is I have them with sliced banana topped up with a spoon of nutela. I eat so healthily.

for real friendships. For ideas to write fiction about. For self-discipline. Wishing I could be snowboarding as so many of my friends back home are. In waist deep powder. Oh and... wishing to win the euromillions, that goes without saying.  Or just to find someone insanely rich to marry.


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