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/ 19 February 2012 / Leave a comment

week in a mosaic 1

I'm a little ill this weekend so I won't be talking much, just a mini picture post.
My reinvented addiction is warm milk with honey and cookies, I cannot get enough. I also keep eating meringues, I find that the best possible way to have them is not with berries but with banana. I slice half a banana and spoon a little nutella on top, then microwave for about 20-30 seconds. The banana caramelises a little and it's so good! It can be a little too sweet for some though.
The the middle row now, the tree is a the one I see from my bedroom window. I like looking at it, the shape is lovely. I might actually do a self challenge and take a picture of the tree every day for a week or two at certain hour and then post them up. Also I started practicing piano again, I am very proud of myself that I finally found the time to. Spent almost two hours playing it on Friday, fairly long time for me.
The last two pictures at the bottom have been very characteristic for me lately. I keep eating toasties and apples. The apple addiction is a long one, I was nominated an apple princess when I was 11 or so. It's easier to keep the apple addiction to the strawberry, all in all strawberries can sometimes be hard to get.


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