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Hello hello! How was your weekend? It was my birthday yesterday! I haven't really celebrated because Giorgio was away this weekend, but we're doing something special for it over the upcoming bank holiday weekend. 

Today I wanted to share this outfit that has been sitting in my drafts for two weeks. It features my favourite cropped sweater - it's fluffy and soft to touch - a perfect style for spring and summer. I don't know if you have this problem too, but I sometimes struggle to style a cropped sweater. I only had one prior to this blue one. I loved wearing it, until one day I put it on and it just didn't go. I paired it with everything, even with the things it has worked before but somehow I didn't like it anymore. Does that happen to you too? That all of a sudden an item you love and wear just loses its appeal?

I haven't lost my love for cropped things altogether though, so for this capsule I decided to challenge myself. I'll get a cropped sweater, it will be in my wardrobe and I'll be forced to wear it and style it and perhaps...perhaps I'll find out what I was doing wrong before.

The way some cropped sweaters are cut and made makes them puff up a little right where your waist is. Not really what you want, right? But don't worry, there are a couple pointers to keep in mind and you won't look like you had seven slices of cake for breakfast.

Wear it with skinny jeans: If your top is going to be unfitted, your bottoms should be the exact opposite. Skinny jeans, my friends. I've tested this theory and tried it on with boyfriend jeans - no go. I believe only models can pull that off :)

Wear it with a high-waisted skirt: A bodycon skirt would work great - it will hug your hips and waist so a loose cropped sweater won't enlarge you. I've also tried it with a pleated midi skirt - just tuck in at the front or sides for the best look.

That's my two secrets to cropped sweaters. What are yours? Do you like the cut or is it just not for you?



  1. I have definitely had clothes that I used to love lose their appeal! I have that feeling about a dress now. I LOVED it last summer, but I think it looks so boring now. I won't give it up just yet though, I need to keep it for a few more months to see if I'll wear it again, because it was my favorite last summer... I'm afraid if I give it away too fast, I'll forget why and regret it :(
    I have a couple of cropped tops that I wear with high-waisted skirts. They reach down to my belly-button, so they're not super-cropped. I really love them! I don't tuck them in, I just let them hang over the waistband of the skirt, and I think it looks really cute :)
    Love this style and your shoes and bag! Just pulls everything together :) And you look so happy in the pictures, it really always makes me smile when I read your blog :)

  2. It's happened to me with summer dresses too! Mine was more of a case: it's a crazy colour or there are too many flowers on it :) But I think you're doing the right thing - waiting to give the dress away. Quite a few times I stopped loving something only to find my way to it again. Like that turquoise crop top I wore a few posts ago - I basically didn't wear it at all in the past 2 years but I'm glad I kept it. Just wait till summer, try the dress on again and maybe style it differently, I have a feeling that a few years from now you might wish you still had it in your wardrobe :) Sometimes when I "shop" my wardrobe I'm so glad I kept some of the things I did! But of course it's up to you, if you don't think you'll ever ever wear it then there's no point in storing it.
    I used to wear a crop top like you said too - just letting it hang over the top of the skirt - but it was a figure hugging skirt so it didn't make me look huge. When I do it with a skirt that's loose on the hips I feel really unattractive!
    And you should see when my boyfriend and I take pictures, half of them get a "that's a cheesy smile, do again" comment from him :) (But if I don't smile I'll look like I'm angry at the world.) Thank you for your comment! :)

  3. you've styled this cropped sweater really well - nice! and it happens to me, too, wearing something all the time, and then one day, "nope. no more. it doesn't go." what gives??

  4. Thanks Annie! I wish I could get to the bottom of it - why we sometimes stop liking something all so suddenly!


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