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Welcome to the second instalment of Wardrobe Essentials series. This is kind of a no-brainer, right, a leather jacket. Goes with everything, appropriate for all climates and seasons, doesn't go out of style. And yet, I don't have one. Which is strange, seeing as I've wanted it for years. I got a brown one I got on sale about three years ago that I really love, but brown as it is it gives me a bit of a cowgirl vibe. Besides, a black leather jacket is practically a must.

I really love how versatile it is, wear it with heels, boots, trainers or sandals, blouses or hoodies, and it guarantees to add that desired edge to your look. I have to say that my favourite two ways to wear it {observed on others, of course, as I have yet to get it for myself} are image 1 and image 3. A floral dress, some hardcore {balenciaga!} boots and black tights or a more athletic take with jeans, beanie and trainers. What is your favourite way to wear a leather jacket?

At first I was being kind of snobbish and thinking if I get a leather jacket it has to be real leather. You know, a real investment, etc., etc. But after a while I realised that it's kind of impossible to get one for under £100, with my favourite styles often being just shy of £200. Yeah, not happening. Maybe a nice faux leather piece won't be such a bad idea after all, huh? :) I'm watching the sales and hoping that sooner or later a nice jacket will come my way. And then, I can go wear it with everything.

What's your stand on leather jacket? Do you have one in your wardrobe? Is it real leather or are you happy with faux styles? Let me know in the comments!

Check back on Wardrobe Essential no.3 next week! Have a great weekend.


  1. I do wish I could get a really nice, timeless leather one, but those are really expensive things, so if I don't find one second hand, I'll have to make do with faux. Not all faux leather looks cheap though, so that comes to rescue plus I could always called it "vegan leather" and pretend I'm cool, right ;)?

  2. Of course! Definitely play of the "I'm caring and cool" factor! :-) And in the meantime, keep scouring those second-hand shops. Our local Goodwill had nice 2nd-hand leather coats for $30 USD!!! So sad there were none in my size and style. So maybe you'll stumble across the deal of the century someday.

  3. Real leather jackets can be expensive yes. I only invest in one if it is timeless and can be worn again and again. I try to stick to faux leather for fad designs instead. Great post!

  4. I'm all for getting a real leather jacket if you are getting a "timeless" design that will last you years and years. On the other hand, if that is not in your budget, or you want something more "trendy," the less-expensive faux leather is a good option.


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