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I remember the years when I shied away from denim jackets. I told my mum I wouldn't wear any more denim skirts or denim jackets when I was, I don't know, ten? I remember feeling it was just too much denim and denim was out!
Which reminds me, I've recently watched the episode of Gilmore Girls where Madeline and Louise talk about how denim jackets are out:

          LOUISE: Shut up. 
          MADELINE: I swear. 
          LOUISE: Jean jackets are out? How is that possible? 
          MADELINE: I just opened the magazine and there it was. 
          LOUISE: This is horrible. Who decides these things? 
          MADELINE: Marie Claire, apparently. 
          [Rory walks over]
          LOUISE: I feel so helpless. Did you hear? Jean jackets are out. 
          RORY: Out of where? 
          MADELINE: Vogue.
          LOUISE: No, Marie Claire. 
          MADELINE: Whatever. We still can't wear them.

It made me smile. But fast forward 10+ years, they're back in Vogue again and also back in my wardrobe. Go figure.
I think they're especially great for spring and summer as they're a bit less "heavy" than a leather jacket but they instantly give your look that missing element. Ever heard about the three piece rule? That an outfit made of (at least) three main pieces is way more stylish than a two piece? Well, a denim jacket is a perfect third piece. Actually, quite a few clothing stores will ask their staff to wear a three piece outfit to appear more stylish. And it's a pretty easy rule, too, just throw something over your top and you're good to go.

I've put pictures of blue jackets/vests into this collage but I love the look of white or black denim also. Even pink, I've seen a beautiful blushy pink piece online. I've only got a dark one in my wardrobe right now, but for spring I'd really like to find this cropped blue style. I hope to get one for cheap in a charity shop or perhaps on ebay - they usually have quite a good selection so there's need to shell out £30 or more for a new one. Kinda expensive, right?

I'd wear it for a sweet double denim look + it looks lovely with almost any kind of skirt. How do you wear yours? I've already got some outfits in my head: 
mid wash jeans + t-shirt + denim jacket + trainers, or 
dark jeans + blouse + denim jacket + loafers.
Can't wait to find my perfect one.

P.S. This Saturday I'm revealing my spring capsule wardrobe, so come and check it out! Woohoo!


  1. I look forward to wearing my denim jacket every spring! It's been a staple in my closet since college-- I adore them!

  2. I haven't had a denim jacket in a few years, but I am considering getting one for this spring and summer. I have tried on a few, but the only really cheap option in my town is H&M, and is it just me or are their sizes ridiculous? I had to go up to sizes to get one over my shoulders... :(
    Can't wait for the spring capsule! :)

  3. I only restarted wearing them a couple years ago and I am so glad I did - now I can't believe I didn't use to like them! I secretly want to get them in all the colours :)

  4. They're definitely making a big comeback! I'm pretty sure H&M changed their sizing a few years ago - don't understand why, and what really gets me is how inconsistent it is! I have a shirt that feels like a large but is 36 in euro size, (8UK) and then I have this dress that is a 10UK but feels like a 36! H&M is one of those shops you never know your size in, you have to try everything to make sure... But I generally like their denim for quality so it might be a good option! :)


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