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I've started thinking about my spring wardrobe and I thought I'd start a new series here. Wardrobe essentials! As part of my planning process I will share a few items throughout the year that I think should be in mine {and maybe yours too} wardrobe. 

I've been trying to identify the holes in my wardrobe and I think the main and recurring theme is: I don't have enough staples. You know those articles "8 Pieces Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet" - yeah, those, well out of those 8 most basic pieces all these posts mention, I find that I have maybe...three. 
I have a list of "what my wardrobe should definitely include" things and I am hoping that slowly I'll get to the end. I will share that list with you some day.

A lot of these pieces require thinking and research. I'm not willing to pay hundreds {partly due to a fact that I don't have hundreds to spend...ehm} for a pair of shoes, but I do want a quality item so instead of spending £40 on some uncomfortable synthetic pair I will have to look above and beyond to find the most quality item my money can buy.

I think that's the best advice when it comes to wardrobe essentials: Always get the best you can afford. 
When it comes to trends, the best you can afford there can often be a waste of money. Trends come and go. Few stay. 

Anyway, let's talk about loafers. Or slip ons. Or slippers. Whatever you choose to call them.
Can you believe I've never ever worn a loafer? I can't.

I used to think they were too smart or preppy for my style. I mean, they're sleek and shiny and glamorous...would I be chic enough to pull them off? If by any chance you have the same doubts about your own loafer-wearing ability, let me clear it up for the both of us, once and for all: you and I, we can wear loafers. And they're not reserved only for the tailored trousers and structured blazer looks. You can wear them with your most casualest things. Like light wash jeans and a raglan tee (see img 1), which in my books is as laid back as it gets.

They look great with a simple dress or an embroidered skirt, or with a duster coat for colder times. I can't wait to get some. I've already got some loafer outfits in my mind.

I'd love to know your side of the story! Do you love loafers? Do you consider them a "wardrobe staple"? What do you like to wear yours with?

Have a great weekend.


  1. I'm not a fan of loafers. Granted, I have one only two pairs of shoes I wear all summer, so maybe I'm not the best person to voice opinions on shoe fashion!

  2. :-) your comment made me smile! Why is it that you're not a fan? And more importantly, I'd really love to know what two pairs of shoes sustain you for the whole summer, maybe I could learn from you!
    Right now I love the idea of loafers, I feel like I have to try it to see if it'll really work for me so bare with me, I might change my mind ;-)

  3. I see what you mean about the over exposure. If I'd been forced to wear them I bed I wouldn't take so kindly to them now. I didn't even register loafers as real wearable shoes (especially the canvas slip on trainer kind) up until a couple years ago. I quite like all the new designs though, especially the patent leather kind - and I never was a shiny shoe girl!
    I love the idea of neutral sandal/flat combo, I'm currently looking for something in nude colour - comfort's top priority! Yet I can't imagine wearing just two pairs all summer. Seems impossible! I'm in awe, you're a true minimalist! :)

    P.S. I'm sorry I've not replied to you earlier - I've been having some problems with the disqus plugins and I didn't get a notification that you're replied! Ah technology.

  4. You should definitely try them out! I'll read about your journey :^)

    I think my dislike of them comes from many, many years of over exposure, having to wear them (and see others wearing them) at Catholic school (it's the same for polo shirts... though oddly not for pleated skirts).

    My summer shoes are 1) a pair of hot pink, open-toe, canvas wedge heels and 2) a neutral open toe sandal/flat combo (that conveniently are water proof -- hello beach!) that are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn in my life

    I look forward to your next post!


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