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I have to say, I like winter, so when everybody complains about the cold and the snow I just smile, because honestly, I don't mind. But in the past few days I caught myself wishing from spring. It's been cold here for at least 4 months now and that is quite enough. But seeing that there won't likely be any improvements to the weather, I thought I'd at least do a little travel capsule, as this time of year is cheapest for little getaways. I haven't got anything planned right now, but if I did go, this is what I'd take with me.

These 13 pieces are more than enough for 5 days and I think it would be easy to survive on them for a bit more than that too. You'd just have to re-wear a couple of things. You could easily pack them inside a bigger weekend bag, along with underwear and a small make-up bag. They'd only fill about half of my carry-on (so you could fit a handbag, and say a towel in, too).

I picked pieces that are warm, comfortable and smart-casual, but also give a couple possibilities for smarter occasions. Obviously, depending on your needs, you could throw in a blazer which would solve any "casualness."
Just looking at the image I already have a few ides for some new outfits :-)

Are you planning a trip anywhere this winter? What are you packing with you?
Have a great weekend.

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