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Hello, my dear readers! I'm back from an unplanned blog break {I handed in my MA dissertation last week} and jumping straight into the last post on the Winter capsule wardrobe planning. As you probably guessed from the title, it's about my winter number and my shopping list.

You may find it useful to you to read this post on how I found my Autumn number if you're new around here or if you just don't remember. :-)
Just a quick recap - I'd initially planned for 42 items in my Autumn wardrobe, but later removed one pair of trousers, hence brought it down to 41. This is what they were:

5 Pairs of trousers + 2 Skirts
8 Long-sleeve t-shirts + 7 Short-sleeve t-shirts
7 Sweaters and cover ups
2 Dresses
3 Jackets
7 Pairs of shoes

After working with this number for a few months, I found that it didn't work for me. I looked at all those pieces and asked myself what I didn't really wear. {Most + least worn Autumn items post will be up soon.} A few weeks back, I mentioned I only really wore 4 pairs of shoes rather than 7. I was going to have 5 pairs in the Winter capsule, but turns out I'm getting some beautiful shoes for Christmas so it's going to be 6. This time, though, I love each and every pair of my shoes, which I think wasn't the case back in Autumn.

So, keeping my Autumn experience in mind, I decided/realised I only need one dress instead of two. Same with skirts, I only need one. I  was happy with the rest.

41 - 1 pair of shoes - 1 dress - 1 skirt = 38!

Yay! That's a nice number, I think! I'm glad I was able to downsize the 41 a little. The division of space, though, will vary from season to season. For the Winter, I'm planning for 7 sweaters {possibly 8}, but in the Summer I'll only need 3 or 4. I'll also probably need more skirts or dresses in the warm months. So the structure will change but I hope the number is here to stay for a while.


I'll try keep it short here. I basically just looked at what I had and what I wanted to roll over form one capsule to the next + pulled out a couple things from storage. Luckily, most of the pieces for my Winter capsule had already been in my possession, so all I had to get was:

A coat, a dress, shoes, a few sweaters, a couple t-shirts.

I was looking for things corresponding with my Winter uniforms and my style {casual, feminine, urban and cool} and, of course, working with my colour palette.

I looked on Pinterest and on my favourite store's websites for inspiration. I actually set up a board called Master Style and collected pins that represent me and what I wear, what I'd like to wear, what I feel comfortable in. Having this visual reminder of all the clothes and outfits I like was great when trying to identify holes in my wardrobe. I was looking for fun but versatile pieces.

I'll share more when I show you my Winter wardrobe over the next few days! {If the holidays won't get the better of me, wish me luck with all the baking and decorating that's going on here.}

Hope you all are having a lovely festive time.


  1. I personally could never do this, serious lack or organizational skills, but I do love how it streamlines everything. Can't wait to see the pieces you chose!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your MA dissertation!!!!!


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