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Dress, Firefly // Denim jacket, thrifted // V&A Tote // Sandals, New Look // Watch, Citizen


It's pretty cold, right? I'm slowly transitioning to fall clothing, although, who am I kidding, neither the UK nor Central Europe really had the summer of their dreams, {the UK never does}, and so I've been wearing this jacket all summer anyway. But never mind, 'cause I just came back from a holiday down in Croatia where I wore bikini and the like.

Three people have already remarked on how little tanned I look. Well, fyi, we don't all have the same type of skin and some of us tan better than others. Or, worse. I am, apparently, a Cool Summer on the colour seasons scale {more on that later}, and we don't tan great. {Plus these pictures were shot just before we left for Croatia so I'm actually not THAT pale.}

For the past month or so, I've been rethinking the concept of my wardrobe and have been reading up on a lot of material on how to curate your wardrobe, find your true style. I'm picking colours that suit me and which I like wearing. I'm preparing myself to take the plunge into the world of capsule wardrobes. It means I will be reorganising my closet, selling a few things and buying less. The good old quality over quantity. It seemed scary to only have about 30 or so pieces of clothes for three months but I did a kind of sort of test this summer and I think I can do it! Expect a lot of simple, but hopefully stylish outfits to come.

To get a little pre-start on it, this is my super simple back to school look, you see the book print V&Ą tote? Totally simple. Totally studious. I'm using mostly old pieces that I've had for some time, because old doesn't mean unfashionable! Oh and do you see my shiny watch? I put it right there, in front of your face, so how could you not. It's a Citizen Eco Drive watch which I could never afford it myself but I won it over on Kristabel's blog in one of her giveaways a little while ago. It's amazing, it doesn't have batteries because it's powered by the sun! You heard it right, it has a sun sensitive layer that works like a little solar power plant and charges it. And I love that it has the unexpected blue dial. It's gonna be a classic and a perfect addition to my evolving capsule wardrobe.

Have you ever rethought the concept of your wardrobe? Have any of you tried the capsule wardrobe challenge? I'd love to hear about it!

x-x-x-x  Kat  x-x-x-x

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