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/ 11 July 2014 / 1 Comment


Dress, Forever 21 // Shoes, New Look (old) // Bag, vintage gift


Ah! Congratulations if you got through all those pictures. I'm quite proud of them, actually, they turned out pretty good! I love that feeling of taking a break from the everyday and finding a meadow to dance in - overgrown weeds and wild flowers that you can weave into your hair. I love seeing wild red poppies in bloom. There is something optimistic about them.

I have something of an array of these romantic summer dresses - although I feel like I've outgrown this sweet and romantic phase a little. But it never hurts to relapse for a day or two. This dress is light and airy and a great cut for me. It's super easy to style and it's not too short - I've developed a bit of a hatred towards those super short shorts and the miniest of the mini skirts. You have to keep checking whether they didn't ride up and keep your arms at your hips in case the wind blows the wrong way. {I've been on a lookout for a midi skirt. Not printed, not highlighting the hip area, not too plastic looking. I think I've found one online but I don't want to jinx it before I try it on. I'll let you know!}

What about you, do you like to run free through a meadow sometimes?

x-x-x-x  Kat  x-x-x-x

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