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Trousers, h&m, £6 // Top, Primark, £2 // Bomber jacket, h&m, £10 // Purse, Primark, £6 // Stag ring, Gate, £2 //

It now seems inappropriate to post these rainy pictures when it's finally sunny outside. But hey, here they are anyway. Lately, I've been enjoying greyscale outfits quite a lot. I saw these trousers / treggings in h&m's sale and thought they were perfect. Plus I read somewhere that black and white floral patterns are very in this season... so even if they weren't, they are now! I've also been feeling a shortage of light jackets, truth is I only have a brown one, which I seemed to have worn every day last year. And then I saw this bomber and got it - for a great price too. I wasn't convinced whether the shape suited me, {I'm still not}, but my boyfriend says it does so I kept it.

I like this outfit because it's just a simple, girl about town kind of look. I'm just now thinking about myself in a few years time, when I'll be looking through my past outfit posts and laughing at "how ridiculous I looked in those trousers." But I'm also thinking, it's worth documenting the moment and maybe this really will be the hottest new trend. Maybe.

I hope you like my stag ring, by the way.

I'll be back with some sunny pictures soon, I promise!

xxxx Kat xxxx

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