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Skirt, Parisian, £10 // Bralet, Forever 21, £5 // Jacket, thrifted, £5 // Ballet pumps, Topshop, £7 // Bag, vintage, gift // 
Nail polish, Rita Ora for Rimmel - Breakfast in bed, £3

Hello hello! I'm writing this in between attempts of trying to write and applying for jobs. It's a fun time for me. Not. But fingers crossed something exciting will come out of it. I'm actually looking forward to work, even if it's just to have a place to go to. Plus, you know, it's hard to justify shopping if you have nowhere to wear your proud purchases. Which means I haven't really been shopping for a while! While I was home I peaked inside Gate and New Yorker, brands not dissimilar to h&m and Forever 21, but didn't get anything there either. I usually go, just to see what's new, and walk out with at least a t-shirt, but not this time.

So let's see, what else is new: my boyfriend has just got a new car and I'm enjoying being able to go and shop in a Sainsbury's superstore as opposed to the small Tesco metro that's opposite the Arndale here in Manchester. We also went walking in the Peak District and it turned into a quite difficult five-hour hike but it was great. Today, we're driving to ikea. {yes!} 

One of these trips included going to the Trafford centre. I've been in Manchester for six months now and still hadn't been. After cruising around for ten minutes, struggling to find parking, we entered and god it's a labyrinth, though a beautiful labyrinth, nevertheless. We spent a couple hours there and saw maybe one sixth of it. But what can you do if that one sixth contained a huge Forever 21, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and an h&m store? We clearly chose an entrance well placed. Anyway, I got this pretty bralet there in the sale. The tutu or ballerina skirt, or whatever you decide to call it, had been sitting in my wardrobe for quite a while. I find it hard to pair it with things, it doesn't seem to go with much. I wore it to the Trafford centre, then in Forever 21 I tried the bralet on and it worked with it and so there was no discussion. It's still a bit chilly to just wear it without any sort of a jacket, hence my trusted black linen thrift shop steal. 

Oh and have you noticed my bright nails? Hard not to. I found the Rita Ora colours and loved this one, although, admittedly, it looked a bit greener in store. I was hoping for a pistachio green. It claims it's a one-coat nail polish but two seemed to work better for me. It will chip in about three days which is pretty standard, but I do love that it makes your nails stand out. My favourite nail colour this season yet!

For some reason I feel very on trend with this outfit, what do you think?

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