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  Bralet and blouse, h&m // Skirt, New Look

Hello friends! I have lots to show you from my recent adventure! A few days ago I've returned from my trip to Paris. It was my first time ever and I'd been looking forward to it for a while. I had wanted to visit Paris since I was about 13. I have a friend who's working as an aupair there and had promised to visit her back in September when she started, so early in February I checked out some flights and found one from Manchester to Paris for £22! I mean, rude not to.

I had four full days there, most of them sunny too. It was nice and warm on my first day and we decided to take a short bus ride to Monmartre and walk up to Sacre Coeur. Hence the many steps in the first picture. It only took about ten minutes to climb, from what everybody kept saying I was expecting at least half an hour! But the views were beautiful. I also snapped a picture of some nicely dressed ladies somewhere along the way.

In the afternoon we went and explored the lovely Jardin de Luxembourg. You can see me squinting at the camera in picture three. Enjoy. People were playing tennis on the courts, kids were playing basketball and lots of people sat by the pond and ate their lunch there. As I had already had my lunch at Sacre Coeur, a fresh baguette with tomatoes and things, I decided walking through the park required ice cream. First one this year. The selection was large but in the end I was seduced by mango, pistachio and chestnut. Yum! They don't make them here like they make them in Paris.

Have you been recently? Did you find yourselves snapping pictures of all the streets and parks and places? Everything in Paris is so photogenic and I have lots more pictures to share. Keep your eyes peeled for the next few posts!

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