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Top, New Yorker, €3 // Cut-offs, Levi's - vintage, Vintage Fair in Stoke // Sandals, Deichmann, €16 

How do you dress for 35 degrees? I've just gone through two weeks of over 30 degrees outside and I've had just about enough. I realised I own only four sleeveless tops so I went shopping for them and came home with two short sleeved t-shirts and zero sleeveless ones so I gave up. 

I found this one in a sale, 100% linen, and very casual. I put on my cut-offs, ones I couldn't really button-up last year and that is it, as when it is this hot I really do try to wear as little clothing as possible. You know when I say cut-offs, an image of Tobias Funke from Arrested Development immediately pops up in my head.

I'm actually wearing a white bralet underneath the t-shirt. I bought a plain white one in Gate for €4, and with the help of my mamma, sewn a stretchy lace thingey at the bottom of it. It looks good! I'll try take a picture of it, it's very easy but you have to be careful to stretch it as you sew, otherwise the stitches will break as you put it on.

Yesterday I've come back from a photography workshop so I'll be putting some pictures I took there up on here. I have a new DSLR so I played with that a lot and it was fun! Have a great Monday, I'll be back soon.

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