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/ 23 May 2012 / 2 Comments


After being abroad for 2 weeks I had plans to travel in the UK for a few days starting with Scotland and Edinburgh. We weren't very lucky with the weather it was rainy, surprise surprise, but it was beautiful. We just walked about and went to a botanic garden. A post coming up soon on that, you will be overwhelmed with a lot of flowery shots, literally. The pics of the little jams and the cute pastel shop aren't actually related but they fitted this post better than a plant one. We only had very limited time in Edinburgh, I was actually quite disappointed with the Edinburgh Uni, I either didn't find it or it just really is quite ugly. Well Im not doing masters there now am I. I might actually change my mind, the city is cute apart from the rain. Again, I apologise for the spacing and everything, I cried begged and kneeled but blogger just won't accept it. Very bad behaviour, stop it.


  1. yep, you chose the wrong time to visit the UK - so sorry about the weather :( these snaps are lovely! xx

    1. Thank you Daniela :) I've been in the UK since September so luckily I got some nice weather going on too, just not for the Edinburgh trip :( btw I study English lit and just read on your blog that you do too. so hello literature buddy :) xx


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