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the ninth of the fifth

Finally in Tassie! First day of the conference me and my mum went to some cultural stuff, caved out. We ended up shopping in Deloraine. We took a bus there and after we've come back the cavers asked how we had got there and we said - by bus, they were very surprised! No one takes the bus in Tassie. Well it is true that Ulverstone (where we were staying) and Deloraine are only 30 km apart and the bus took over an hour... but still cheaper than to rent a car. Especially when there's no place renting cars than the nearest airport, Launceston.

Deloraine is a port town. They're known for their poppy fields. Poppy grows throughout the whole of Tasmania.

We walked on the coast and walked up the hill, just to get to this aboriginal museum. So of course it was closed. Who else would be this lucky. Couldn't even take the tiniest peak through the windows.

But as we were up the hill we thought we may as well go see the lighthouse. Luckily it was a nice sunny day.

Front of the house 

This picture is back in Ulverstone, on the way to the bus stop. What a lovely house!

Ulverstone beach-

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