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Wildlife Park and Melbourne

the seventh of the fifth

We went to the wildlife park to finally see some koalas (although I didn't get to pat them). Got to play with the kangaroos though! They have a very soft fur, like puppies.

Sleepy Koala 
Koalas actually sleep most of the day. If they're not sleeping, they are relaxing. For 4 hours a day they are feeding and only 3 minutes of their 24-hour-day they're travelling. 

I got furry friends
The Devil

More Koalas :)

Cool lizard 
Little baby kangaroo. Cute!

New pet
 These few pictures are from Melbourne, where we've spent our afternoon. It is a nice city, square streets, china town, greek part... But it doesn't have a centre, a city square, a park where everyone would meet up and just spend time. It's only streets with shops (and expensive ones, which strikes me as clothes in England can be super cheap. Not in Australia, though.)

Cool tiny little shop. Wish I had more moneys so that I could have purchased the turquoise snake skin clutch ;)

Wedding photo? Why not.

Goodbye, Melbourne, hope to see you soon!

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