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On the second and last day in Sydney, we were on our own. We took a bus to the centre and somewhere there we found Chinese gardens and they were beautiful.


We wandered around Darling harbour when we spotted a sushi bar. As I have never had sushi before, we decided to give it a go. It was pretty cheap actually, but we only bought a little package, in case we would not like it. It was okay. It was salmon sushi and I think I don't have to explain that the salmon was raw. Some people may say ew, some say yum. I'm in between. Maybe next time I'll go for something less cool, like avocado or cucumber sushi. Then we went to the Sydney Aquarium. We had a 3-hour walk around, saw some sharks and other fish. It was pretty cool, but full of people! Lots of kids and noise.


After we've done aquarium it was quite late in the afternoon. Our host Dr. Julia convinced us to go on a ferry earlier that day and so we went. We took a ferry to Manly and back as it got dark. Manly is a pretty holiday-like place with a beach and actually very warm water, regarding that it is autumn now in Aussie. Below a couple more pictures of the Opera house.

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