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25/04 On Monday Australians celebrated the Anzac Day. They celebrate their defeat! to the Turks in 1915. Strange as it is, the celebrations are huge. They have a parade - usually descendants of the people fighting in Anzac. The streets were full of people watching and clapping. We went for a walk around the Sydney University Campus, took a "shortcut" through Victoria park and ended up hiking the George street, which is the main one.
Finally, we made it to the Circular Quay, where the ferries park. It's near the famous Opera house.We also had a little walk through the Botanic Gardens - pretty place, and it would be even prettier if it wasn't raining. Although it was only 4 o'clock the jet lag was overwhelming so there was no other choice then go to bed. The people taking care of the gardens are actually trying to get rid of these bats. Apparently, they are causing quite a bit of damage to the trees they live on. It took 5 years to approve of their method, which should not harm the bats at all. They are trying to scare them off by waking them up during the day, hoping they will find some other place to live.

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