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Boy, I don't even know how to start this post because there is so much that I want to tell you. There's a whole other world out there, behind the curtain.

At the beginning of summer I landed a new internship as a web editor for two digital radios. It's a job I really like and I have great colleagues (which already is a huge improvement to my last job where, let's just say, my boss wasn't the kind of person you become friends with). While learning the ropes there, I started a second job - just to be able to support myself as all the internship pays is basically pocket money. A few hours a week I wait on tables at this huge but hip café that's also a bookshop. I'm also taking Spanish and German lessons.

It seems to have become a tradition for me to take a bit of a break from the online world over the summer. I want to spend time outside, I love me a good holiday but I don't like my style enough (though it's improved from last year) to post photos of outfits. And then somehow we got into autumn and I've been thinking that only posting about style and minimal / capsule wardrobes isn't as much fun as it used to be. Which is where I get to the point. Outfits and especially the style posts with graphics are a lot of work. Some posts have taken me days to prepare even. And I loved it and it's my hobby, but it can get a little much.

I've always wanted for this blog to be a place for fashion but life things also, an open diary of things I love and things I think you might love too. And of course a documentation of my style and personal style development (I'm already looking forward to looking back at old posts in 5 years time 😉).

Quite a few times over the past couple of months I've discovered something, a new TV show, a great book, place, event or a new finding and I wanted to share it with you but then stopped myself because I thought, oh, I need to post this and this first. First, I need to photograph this and that and it needs to be just so. And I've been putting this pressure on myself before I realised that I set my own limits and just as I put them there I can also take them out. There's one blog I love to read, Fox Socks, and it's precisely for the writer's spontaneity (and wonderful storytelling talent!). I was recently transcribing and translating an interview with poet Andrea Jarmai and she said: "I find that I become cross-pollinated by everything." It was a beautiful expression for what I think a lot of us feel.

I too take inspiration from everything. And I love the spontaneity of it, that I can share something with you and it doesn't have to be this extremely well thought out, advice filled post. It can just be a thought. And that, to me, feels liberating.

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