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An exciting post today! Lessons learnt from the spring capsule wardrobe - one of my favourite things to write about.

This capsule was the best one I've put together so far. It felt most like me. It still wasn't perfect but every capsule has been better than the last, so it fills me with hope that one day I'll maybe nail it down. "It" being my personal style. But I cherish the journey, not the result. (For more info on that, read this post).

It's amazing to see how my mindset has changed over the last years. A few years ago, if you'd told me to reduce my wardrobe to 36 odd pieces, I'd be like, "Whoa, what? Forget it." Even if my wardrobe never was huge. So to get here and realise that 36 is more than enough and that secretly, we all only ever wear the same things, well, it's kind of ironic :)

Lesson 1: 36 is enough.
Lesson 2: 5 pairs of shoes is also enough.

It turns out that I shopped the most when I didn't know what I was looking for. Now, I shop less, because I've taught myself to identify what I need. 

And what really surprised me is that my shopping behaviour's changed completely. I used to enjoy the busy-ness, going through all the racks in all the stores with all the other ladies and trying everything on in the fitting rooms. It was fun, like a hobby. Now I get overwhelmed - like this weekend, Giorgio and I went to the Trafford Centre (a huge and fabulous shopping mall, just look at this photo) for him to get some new shoes. By lunchtime, it got so crowded you could barely move. Especially in the shoe stores that are already not that generous on extra space. The minute we walked out of there I thought: umph, I'm glad that's over.

Lesson 3: You will get used to the no-shopping rule. And it will be okay.

Another thing was that a couple of the pieces I included in my spring wardrobe were fillers. I didn't have exactly the thing I wanted, couldn't find it or didn't have the budget for it, so I just stuck something I already owned in there. And then I ended up not wearing it anyway. So really, the 36 felt more like a 33 or 34 at times.

Lesson 4: Don't include fillers and try not to include things that aren't 100% (in fit, shape, size or colour). I say try, because sometimes things won't be ideal. Sometimes you won't find that top you need in exactly the colour you want and that's fine. Just think about whether you'll want to wear it and make your decision.

And a few more lessons and thoughts:
5. Add still more colour in tops (and perhaps dresses and skirts).
6. For spring/summer, have more dresses/skirts.
7. Even with a solid capsule, you might get a little bored so-
8. It's okay to have a couple of cheat days to re-spark creativity. (But I really mean a couple.)

What have you learnt from your capsule wardrobe so far? Are you still struggling with shopping? And did any of you have a cheat day?

Have a great week guys!

P. S. I was going to talk a bit about what I'm doing with my summer capsule wardrobe today, but this lessons learnt post turned out to be fairly long and I don't want to overwhelm you with more talk. I'm preparing a special update post for later this week!

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