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/ 21 March 2015 / 3 Comments


Hey guys! I've got something printable for you to download - a free minimal wardrobe workbook!
I put it together from my method for building a capsule wardrobe (you can read all about it in the how to build a capsule wardrobe series). The workbook is an updated and shortened version of it and it's fun to fill out!

You don't have to follow the order of the pages, do it as your gut tells you. This is just the way that works for me but you go make it yours.

It's completely free of charge. Do let me know how you like it and if you have anything to add or any questions, leave me a comment or email me at hellokatberries(at)
#katberries #katberriesworkbook

For an example of some filled out pages, click here.


  1. nothing happens when i click on the download link

  2. Hi Wendy, I'm so sorry! What web browser are you using? I've checked the link on a different computer in Google Chrome and Safari and it works for me - it opens the pdf in the same tab where you can just click the download button - it's a google drive file. I've changed a couple of settings so perhaps it'll work now?
    If you're still having difficulties, I'll be happy to email the pdf to you :) Sorry for the trouble!

  3. What a great tool! I will be sharing the link so others can use this. I spent all day Saturday going through my closet and dressers and I was able to put together 3 huge bags to sell at a consignment store, 1 large bag to donate to a women's shelter, 3 large bags to Goodwill, and give my coworker, her daughter, and my boyfriend's sisters some clothes as well! And do you know what? I don't miss one piece! Giving the clothes to others for them to enjoy meant so much more to me than them just sitting in my closet. Thank you for this wonderful resource.


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Hi, I'm Kat! A colourful wardrobe advocate and a capsule wardrobe graduate. Need any help finding your personal style and curating your closet? Advice on how to make most of the clothes you have? Or how to pack for an upcoming trip? I'm your girl!


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