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Top, H&M, £3 // Sweatshirt, H&M, £10 // Cords, H&M last year's, £9 // Socks, Primark, £3 for 3 // Shoes, Esprit, £20 at TK Maxx 
Necklace and bracelet, Six, £10 for both

I always enjoy a sunny winter day, it makes everything look cleaner and more crisp. The past couple years, my New Year's resolution was to blog. Blog, blog and blog. I've never really admitted to myself how time consuming it can be! And saying this, I bow in front of the full-time employed bloggers like wishwishwish and Jazzabelle.

Lately I've been dressing a lot more casual, so it felt good to picture a very simple outfit. Although I've just bought a really crazy skirt so I'm expecting that to appear on here soon. Probably when I figure out what top to wear with it.

I've also had a few months off the social media, apart from the occasional check of facebook messages. It's been so long since I've used tweetdeck and now it feels like I've missed out on my favourite bloggers' lives. (And I'll never catch up, it's just too much). Well, the world's not gonna end if I don't. 

And this time, as New Year marks a new start, I won't promise anyone anything, unless I absolutely know I can fulfil it. I can't promise a bi-weekly post, I can't promise I'll finish all my books and I can't promise I won't write my portfolios at the last minute. Nevertheless, I am still here, the same way I have been, perhaps a little more :)

Text: Sunday Carvery
Photos: Aynel Tekogul

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