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No churn ice cream

My friend Charlotte once offered me her homemade espresso ice cream while I was visiting her. I'm not really a coffee person and except for the occasional weak caramel latte or frappucino I practically don't drink it. I don't even like tiramisu. But I tried this ice cream and it was so creamy and the coffee flavour was subtle and not at all bitter, that I reconsidered. I have been wanting to make it myself for months, and Charlotte kept saying how easy it was, so last night I looked up the recipe. The first thing that came up was Nigella's no churn espresso ice cream. The recipe says coffee liquor - I could only find expensive ones in my shop, but luckily I found a reduced to clear extra thick Baileys cream which added a reeeeeaally nice flavour to it. The recipe's so easy I remember it by heart.

300 ml double cream (in my case 150 ml double cream and 150 ml Baileys cream)
175 grams condensed milk
2 tablespoons espresso powder

Whisk everything together until soft peaks form and then load up an appropriate sized air tight container and freeze overnight. Easy, right?

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