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Top, Primark, £6 // Denim jacket, thrifted, £3 // Jeans, ebay, £10 // Shoes, New Look, £3 //  Bag, Lloyd Baker at TK Maxx, £40 // Hat, Primark, £2 // 
Necklaces, H&M, £1 for both // Bracelets, gift

You know those days when you play with clothes - mix and match things together, and find out it actually kinda works? Well, this is one of them. I've been craving some colour lately and I found these burnt orange jeans on ebay. I was afraid the size will be too small but they fit perfectly! I have also been waiting to wear those bright trainers for a while, they didn't seem to go with either of my winter coats, so I thought, well, why not put the jeans and the trainers together. I'm always a little scared to wear a bright coloured item if the colour's not repeated somewhere else, like on a nail polish or a scarf, but I'm really happy with this combination.
I have also made a little trip to Primark and was surprised by how good their SS14 collection is! I hardly ever shop there, except for tights and socks, but yesterday I found this Bambi t-shirt and loved it. Isn't it cute? I got a few more things which you can perhaps expect to see on here in the next few posts.
As part of their sale, H&M had buy one get one free on discounted jewellery so I snatched these two pretty necklaces for a pound! I also got an amazing blazer-cardigan thing which I haven't had a change to wear yet. The bag I've had for a while, it's a nice universal shopper and goes with most outfits.
I'm getting into a nice routine of taking outfit pictures every week now that semester's started and I want to keep it up. My photographer's getting better too. Oh and you know what else is new, I booked a flight to Paris this week (for a barginous £22), I'll be going in April. I've never been and I can't wait, I'll be taking pictures like crazy. Shame I won't have my analogue camera with me.
Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying the outfits because there's a lot more to come!

Text: Kat
Photos: Giorgio

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