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Hello my lovelies, I am introducing a new irregular feature on the blog, simple things, small things, little things, lately things. It is no novelty, I was inspired by Bonnie's LATELY posts and by Miss James' BITS & PIECES posts. I think out of all posts they are my favourite. 

1. yumyum is such a good start to a day
2. the therapeutic power of evening drawing and watercolouring
3,4,5. I decided to share my evergrowing pinboard/moodboard with you. I say evergrowing because it's now a lot more cramped than when the picture was taken. I started it in autumn, hence the reds and mustard colours, continued through winter, hence the blues and now I am ready to pin some more pink as, hopefully, spring will turn up soon. I love creating these, and as I am not capable of keeping a diary and seem to be failing at collaging moodboards this is my visual memories and plans board. I am surprised how well all these colours go together, I think they are becoming 'my' colours, even the contents of my wardrobe somehow range between these shades.

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