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week in a mosaic 4 - textures

I liked the photos and the colours so I put them together with not really much chronology.
First picture is my flatmates' decoration of their friends Birthday party that they celebrated in our flat. The second one is a magnificent sunset, those colours all genuine. The third photo is Kirstie's smile on a really nice day when we had a bit of a picnic with ice-creams and tea.
The last picture in the middle row is my wall countdown for my trip to Norway and Denmark to see my friend Šárka. 21 more days to go. We still need to book our accommodation in Oslo and figure out what we are actually doing. I cannot wait to take pictures and write everything about the trip.
The last row is, quite obviously, food. The amount of bread I started to eat scares me. Considering buying bread without wheat, met a girl this weekend who's on a 'sweet no wheat' diet. She eats a lot of sweets but no wheat as you can tell from the name. Appearently she's lost a size. Hm...


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