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This mosaic is a mixture of the past two weeks, top row middle picture was taken on a particularly sunny afternoon when I decided that the best way to spend my time is to go outside with appropriate refreshments, almond-cinnamon cappuccino inside the tumbler, and my course reading. I'm actually a little jealous of myself when I remember that. The picture next to it is my letter to a certain Lord.
The first one in the middle row was taken at Keele Varsity Women's Basketball, there's going to be a separate post about that. The photo in the very middle is a bit of a joke, poser picture, I was taking a photo on my phone and at the same time my pc's webcam, don't ask me what I wanted to prove. The last picture in this row is my new railcard, I can now travel cheap(er).
The third row is two photos of my hair, again don't ask me why. The one in the middle is what I wore to the Varsity night out at our students' union. Lace leggings, black mini and orange silky top. This was the day before I sprained my ankle and couldn't walk for two days.

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